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Connecting with the Divine Feminine


Through the practice of yoga we develop a deeper awareness of the self and our place in the universe through the union of mind, body, and soul.  

As I continue on the path of self-discovery and awareness I feel more connected with myself than ever before. I see myself as a student of life, forever seeking opportunities to dive deeper.

However, when it came to lady business, up until recently, I felt confused and frustrated. In this respect, I saw my body as a labyrinth – and I was dropped into it blind-folded and with a bad case of vertigo.  That is until I discovered holistic health coach Alisa Vitti and her book WomanCode where she removes the blindfold completely, decodes the female experience on a hormonal level and deepens the connection between our mind and body.

Until diving a bit deeper, I thought there were two parts to a woman’s cycle; menstruation and…not. Vitti breaks down the female cycle into four distinct phases based on how our hormonal levels change throughout the month. Based on these phases she explains the ways we must adjust our diet, exercise routines, communication strategies, work focus, problem-solving techniques, and sex life in order to optimize and fully realize our potential.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”, a familiar quote by Hippocrates, and the underlying theme of Vitti’s work.  Much of her protocol is based on matching our food choices to the phases of our cycle in order to maintain hormonal balance. Within balance we find harmony, health, and wellness.

Every woman and every man who has any sort of personal relationship with a woman should read this book. Having both parties on the same page allows for deeper connection and understanding.

Female energy is gorgeous. It flows and illuminates, it is dynamic and sometimes chaotic. WomanCode has made my chaos a bit more organized and allowed me to fully recognize and harness the incredible power of my own unique expression of the divine feminine energy.

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