The DivaCup Rocks My World!

We bleed. We bleed the vital elixir that blesses us with the ability to create life. We bleed each month following the sweet cycle of the moon. We ebb and flow like the  ocean tide. We shed, we release, we let go. How sacred, to be connected to the cyclical nature of all things. We must slow down and take time for self care, to nest  and to nurture ourselves.

I am so grateful to be a woman, a creator of life, a mother to all, a sister, daughter and friend.

I exude the power of the divine feminine and I bleed.



Since I’m all for talking about the things that may seem taboo to some, let’s talk about menstruation! Our periods are not scary, or gross, they are sacred and divine.

Why aren’t we talking more openly about our periods?! Let’s talk about menstruation with our boyfriends, our sisters, our mothers, our children, our next door neighbors, the guy behind the counter at the corner store!  Okay maybe not the last two, but you get my point…

I remember when I was a young girl how much of a mystery my body was, how much shame was associated with my period and how embarrassed I was to tell my parents that I had gotten it (actually, I don’t think I ever told them...surprise Mom and Dad!).

On the flip side, I felt like I was finally part of the club, I was becoming a woman, I could talk the lingo with my girlfriends and ask them for tampons at school and complain about cramps, yay!

Needless to say I was pretty clueless and didn’t have much guidance in this department, so I would buy conventional tampons and pads. As the years passed, I finally wised up on my tampon game, I switched from toxic tampax (I don’t even want to think about those things did to my body)  to all natural organic cotton tampons sans applicator.

About three years ago, I took it a step further and began using the DivaCup and haven’t looked back.

Here’s why I am wild about my Diva Cup:

  • Sustainability- instead of disposing of my cotton tampons into our landfills I use the Diva Cup, which is a reusable silicone cup that I can use  month after month

  • Economical- instead of spending at least $10 a month on  a box of cotton tampons, I spent ~$40 on my Diva Cup and will use it for at least one year

  • Connection- perhaps most importantly, I have never been so in touch with my own body, to actually see the color and consistency of my menstrual blood each day of my cycle has been such an exciting and educational experience as these can be indicators of healthy or potentially imbalanced hormones.

If you’re still not into the idea of the Diva Cup, I get it, it takes some warming up to, but please consider, for the health of your body, going 100% organic for all of your lady products and buying tampons without wasteful applicators, you won’t regret it :)

Much love to you!


Posted on June 16, 2016 .