Rethinking death…


I know, this might seem a little strange, but I was so excited about discovering the way I want to be buried when I die, that I feel compelled to share...

Okay, first of all I get it, morbid, right? Wrong. Not only is death one of the most natural things in life, but also, it’s inevitable so why not do it right?

Plus, when we truly contemplate death and realize the impermanence of this existence, we can finally give ourselves permission to live life fully. How liberating!

I was extremely inspired and felt absolutely enlightened about the environmental impact of how we bury bodies after watching artist Jae Rhim Lee’s Ted Talk about her mushroom burial suit.

Yeah that’s right, mushroom burial suit of magic, that’s what I like to call it.

So here’s the deal, when our bodies decompose they release toxic chemicals into our Earth’s soil. Not only do we mess up the environment in life, but apparently we’re not doing much better in death. Our normal burial traditions are terrible for the environment, this is where the mushroom burial suit of magic comes in. Lee has created an organic burial suit loaded with mushroom spores. These mushrooms have the ability to transform these toxic chemicals into organic materials that are actually beneficial to the environment! Essentially, our physical body becomes amazing mulch to nourish the surrounding plants and environment.

Thennnnn, I found out about Capsula Mundi which is a project that wants to create a natural burial pod to “plant” into the earth when we die. Once buried, a seed of the tree of choice will be planted on top of the pod so a tree will grow in its place.

How beautiful is that?! Instead of a field of tombstones, a forest of trees! That’s the kind of legacy I’d like to leave behind.

So my master plan of death is to be buried in a mushroom suit inside the seed so that my body becomes nutritious mulch for the tree that will grow in my place contributing to the eternal cycle of life. Remember,  energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only change form.


Posted on April 7, 2016 .