Spirit Dancer

“Do you know what I've learned? That although ecstasy is the ability to stand outside yourself, dance is a way of rising up into space, of discovering new dimensions while still remaining in touch with your body. When you dance, the spiritual world and the real world manage to coexist quite happily. I think classical ballet dancers dance on pointe because they're simultaneously touching the earth and reaching up to the skies.”

―  Paulo Coelho, The Witch Of Portobello



I am a dancer, I always have been.

Long before I had any proper training I was moving to an unheard rhythm, standing on my hands, shaking freely, spinning and spinning until I exhausted myself.

You too are a dancer, we all are, we are born that way.

There need be no music for this dance, it lives in the beat of our hearts, the in and out of our breath. The music is life, we just have to turn our attention inward to hear it.

This dance cannot be taught or learned, it can only be nurtured, coaxed and refined. It is our true nature but easily forgotten in the hurried pace of life.

Surrendering to the unique rhythm of our own internal pace and beat, we let ourselves be moved by a force beyond our comprehension.

Allowing this pulse of existence to come through, causing us to move to the music only we can hear. Vibrating up from the center of the earth, through the soles of our feet and into our spines, igniting the destiny that glows within each of us.

“Those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music”

- Friedrich Nietzsche

A celebration of life. An ecstatic dance with the unseen, the unknown. An act of giving thanks to these beautiful vessels.


I close my eyes and allow the beat to take me, sway me, spin me…

I dance to the rhythm of nature, the ebb and flow, the waning and waxing, the creation and destruction. I navigate the cycle of birth and death in each moment. I let go and empty myself so that I may be filled up with what moves me and makes my spirit dance.

I am a dancer.


Images shot on 35mm Film

Posted on December 16, 2015 .