Life's too short to skip dessert...


If you have a sweet tooth like me and have been looking for a guilt-free, dare I say healthy dessert option-look no further than Kippy’s Ice Cream Shop on Lincoln Blvd in Venice.

This is not your regular ice cream shop, Kippy’s Ice Cream is non-dairy, organic, and gluten-free, made with a coconut cream base, local organic produce, and raw honey. She keeps it simple using nothing but the highest quality ingredients. The flavors change seasonally and depending on what is available locally, but there are a few tha that stick around all year long including two of my favorites coconut and honey, and chocolate. Occasionally they will whip up a batch of fan favorite mint chocolate chip made with fresh mint and cacao. Whatever you do always top your scoop off with her Magic Chocolate Shell…it’s ridiculous.

Kippy’s ice cream is not only delicious, but because of it’s coconut cream base also gives you a dose of healthy medium-chain fatty acids. Medium chain fatty acids balance blood sugar levels, have anti-microbial qualities which kill disease-causing bacteria, help prevent brain disorders, boost metabolism, and give you energy. Not bad.

 Kippy’s Ice Cream Shop is located at 326 Lincoln Blvd.  Venice, California  90291. If you’re in the area, most definitely stop by and enjoy some delicious ice cream with a chocolate magic shell, walnuts and bee pollen sprinkled on top!

Posted on November 11, 2013 .