Expanding Consciousness


Life has a funny way of testing us. It hurries us to the cliff, pushing us past our limits and just when all ten toes are peaking over the edge it pulls us back,  just in time to reveal to us some transformational golden nugget of wisdom that will change our world forever. 

We experience devastating disappointment plunging us into a dark abyss of pain, and doubt. We reach a low we have never experienced, only to discover things about ourselves we never knew before. We experience ourselves at our most real, raw, and vulnerable states. We see ourselves open up and reach out in ways we could not have dreamt of before.

Our darkest times serve as a great opportunity for deepening of the soul, growth of the spirit and understanding of the self. Once we have discover the lesson we were meant to learn, we slowly crawl out of the depths. With this new lens, life is then prepared to show us the next level of joy, unconditional love, success, and acceptance we did not know was possible.

Life is funny like that, it is this big game leading us through a labyrinth revealing the lesson we need at just the right time in order to show us the path to self-realization. The trick is to stay alert, realizing the lesson behind every joy and every mishap. Recognizing that everyone we meet is our personal  Guru and every experience we have holds some invaluable golden nugget of wisdom.

See, the pain deepens our roots into the earth, the joy stretches our branches into the sky, giving us an opportunity to surrender to the path that will ultimately lead us to the rawest form of our soul's expression.

Love your struggle, knowing that the struggle creates both depth and opportunity for growth. Trust in the universe, it is ultimately here to support you even when it appears as if the opposite is true. Build awareness of the self as you compliment your intelligence with the wisdom of experience forever expanding your consciousness.

Posted on October 10, 2013 .